The UKGAP is an action plan for everyone. In this section you can find out about the organisations already involved in the UKGAP and how you can get involved.
Eroded arch, Bwa Gwyn (the White Arch). R. Roberts, NRW

Eroded arch, Bwa Gwyn (the White Arch). © R. Roberts, NRW

Here you can find out about some of the organisations and groups that are already contributing to the UKGAP and how they are contributing. You can also find out more about action for geodiversity in your area and how you may be able to contribute through Local Geodiversity Action Plans, Geodiversity Partnerships or by joining a local geology group. Find out more in Earth Heritage magazine which is produced twice yearly to stimulate interest in geodiversity and a broad range of geological and landscape conservation issues within the UK and further afield.

The UKGAP aims to show what is happening for geodiversity, the benefits this brings and what needs to be done in the future. The best way of doing this is to be able to show what different organisations are doing to support the themes and objectives of the UKGAP. If you or your organisation already do something that contributes to the UKGAP, you can let us know by completing the contribution form and sending it to ukgap@naturalengland.org.uk.