Find out more about the organisations and groups that support the UKGAP and the actions they contribute to it.

  • Aggregate Industries

    Aggregate Industries

    Aggregate Industries produce and supply construction materials including aggregates, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and pre-cast concrete products.

  • Bedfordshire Geology Group

    Bedfordshire Geology Group

    The Bedfordshire Geology Group (BGG) was formed in 2004 by a group of enthusiastic amateur and professional geologists. We aim to encourage an understanding of the rocks and landforms of the county for the benefit of all. One of the main ways of doing this is by identifying and popularising Local Geological Sites which are of scientific and educational importance.

  • Berkshire Geoconservation Group

    Berkshire Geoconservation Group

    Berkshire Geoconservation Group aims to encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of Local Geological Sites for education and public benefit. The organisation in a voluntary one and organises events and talks for members and other county groups.

  • British Geological Survey

    British Geological Survey

    Founded in 1835, the British Geological Survey (BGS) is the world's oldest national geological survey. As a public sector organisation BGS is responsible for advising the UK government on all aspects of geoscience as well as providing impartial geological advice to industry, academia and the public.

  • Edinburgh Geological Society

    Edinburgh Geological Society

    The Edinburgh Geological Society, founded in 1834, organises public lectures in winter, an excursion programme in summer and publishes books, leaflets, excursion guides and periodicals. The aim of the society is to encourage public interest in geology and the advancement of geological knowledge. The Society has three Geoconservation Committees covering different geographical areas: Lothian & Borders, Tayside and Stirling & Clackmannan.

  • English Heritage

    English Heritage

    English Heritage is the Government's statutory adviser on the historic environment. Officially known as the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, English Heritage manages and protects many important archaeological sites across England.

  • GeoConservation UK

    GeoConservation UK

    GeoConservation UK (formerly the Association of UK RIGS Groups) was established in 1999 to encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of Local Geological Sites for education and public benefit. Membership comprises county based geoconservation bodies - Geoconservation Groups, Geological Societies, Geology Trusts, Wildlife Trusts, Geoparks and other associate partners.

  • Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

    Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

    The Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, founded in 1947, is an office of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment for Northern Ireland (DETI). The survey is responsible for providing a wide range of geological advice and information in support of planning, land use, environmental protection and natural resource assessment. It also carries out surveys to collect new data.

  • Geomon


    Anglesey (Môn) is the largest of the Welsh islands, situated in the north west corner of Wales. GeoMôn was set up as a major project to establish Anglesey as a Geopark. One of the chief aims of this project is to promote the sustainable use of Anglesey's geodiversity sites for education.

  • GeoSuffolk


    The GeoSuffolk group is an association of geologists committed to promoting understanding and appreciation of the landscape and geology of Suffolk .

  • Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust

    Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust

    The Trust exists to identify and survey geological and geomorphological sites in the two counties and to promote the establishment and protection of Local Geological Sites by creating and maintaining a database and by close liaison with the local planning authorities, wildlife trusts, natural history societies, schools and colleges, industry, landowners and those who are interested in Earth Science.

  • Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

    Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

    The Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site is England's first natural World Heritage Site - it is known as The Jurassic Coast. It covers 95 miles of truly stunning coastline from East Devon to Dorset, with rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth's history.

  • London Geodiversity partnership

    London Geodiversity Partnership

    The London Geodiversity Partnership seeks to share good geodiversity practice, influence regional policy and establish cross-regional working for geodiversity.

  • National Trust

    National Trust

    The National Trust is a charity and is completely independent of Government. The National Trust protects and opens to the public over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments and also looks after forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, downs, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, castles, nature reserves, villages.

  • Natural England

    Natural England

    Natural England is an independent public body whose purpose is to protect and improve England's natural environment and encourage people to enjoy and get involved in their surroundings.

  • Natural Resources Wales

    Natural Resources Wales

    Since April 2013 the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) has merged with Environment Agency Wales and Forestry Commission Wales to form Natural Resources Wales (NRW). NRW is the principal adviser to the Welsh Government on the environment, enabling the sustainable development of Wales' natural resources for the benefit of people, the economy and wildlife. NRW aims to ensure that the natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained, enhanced and used, now and in the future. NRW will continue the full range of geoconservation functions previously undertaken by CCW.

  • Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership

    Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership

    The aims of the Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership are to record, conserve, research, and promote appreciation of the county's geological and geomorphological diversity. The Partnership seeks to achieve this through communication, education and consensus building.

  • North Pennines Geopark

    North Pennines AONB European and Global Geopark

    The North Pennines AONB, became the first area in Britain to be awarded the status of European Geopark in June 2003. European and Global Geoparks are supported by UNESCO. The AONB is noted for its diversity of wildlife and for its nationally recognised scenic qualities, but it also has a world-class geological heritage.

  • Northern Ireland Environment Agency

    Northern Ireland Environment Agency

    Northern Ireland Environment Agency's aim is to protect, conserve and promote the natural environment and built heritage of Northern Ireland for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • Northumbria National Park

    Northumberland National Park Authority

    Northumberland National Park Authority is a local authority. Northumberland was designated as a National Park in 1956 and since then work to achieve national park purposes has been carried out by local government first by Northumberland County Council and, since 1997, by the free-standing Northumberland National Park Authority.

  • Oxfordshire Geology Trust

    Oxfordshire Geology Trust

    Oxfordshire Geology Trust is a voluntary group working to protect our many Local Geological Sites and to raise public awareness of Oxfordshire's earth heritage.

  • Scarborough Museums Trust

    Scarborough Museums Trust

    Scarborough Museums Trust is a charitable trust responsible for the management of the Rotunda, the William Smith Museum of Geology, Scarborough Art Gallery and Scarborough Collections.

  • Scottish Geodiversity Forum

    Scottish Geodiversity Forum

    The Forum aims to promote Scotland's geodiversity, and seeks to widen the profile of geodiversity and influence national and local policies. It is the Scottish national forum for geoconservation groups, geoparks and other related organisations, and interested individuals. The Forum promotes the role and value of geodiversity in education, community involvement and health, the development of tourism and the wider economy. The Forum is open to all organisations and individuals who are interested in promoting Scotland's geodiversity and the sharing of experience and good practice. It incorporates GeoConservation Scotland and the Scottish Geology Festival Organising Partnership.

  • Scottish Natural Heritage

    Scottish Natural Heritage

    Scottish Natural Heritage is funded by the Scottish Government. Its purpose is to: promote care for and improvement of the natural heritage; help people enjoy it responsibly; enable greater understanding and awareness of it; and promote its sustainable use, now and for future generations.

  • Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

    Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

    Tees Valley Wildlife Trust has worked for more than 30 years to protect wildlife and wild places, and educate, influence and empower people. Tees Valley Wildlife Trust manages 13 Nature Reserves and help others to manage their countryside sites.

  • The Geology Trusts

    The Geology Trusts

    The Geology Trusts is a constituted not-for-profit organisation. It is a national umbrella organisation, established both to give central support and to act as a self-help group for county geoconservation groups. These groups are our members, and our executive is formed by a representative from each member group. We meet to share experience and ideas, shape best practice and to develop collaborative funded projects for our own members and with other conservation organisations.

  • West Yorkshire Geology Trust

    West Yorkshire Geology Trust

    West Yorksihre Geology Trust is a voluntary group of about 20 active members, protecting West Yorkshire's geodiversity sites and promoting geology for the general public.

  • Wiltshire Geology Group

    Wiltshire Geology Group

    The Wiltshire Geology Group is a county geoconservation group, belonging to The Geology Trusts, Geoconservation UK and affiliated to the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. It designates and monitors the condition of geological sites and promotes an interest in the geology of Wiltshire among the general public.