Local Geodiversity Action Plans

Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs) set out actions to conserve and enhance the geodiversity of a particular area.

In general they aim to:

  • identify, conserve and enhance the best sites that represent the geological history of an area in a scientific, educational, recreational and cultural setting,
  • promote geological sites and make geoconservation relevant to people,
  • provide a local geodiversity audit (an audit of sites and skills) and
  • influence local planning policy.

Currently, LGAPs exist or are in development for:


Abberley and Malvern Hills - May Hill Lincolnshire 
Abberley and Malvern Hills - South Shropshire Leicestershire and Rutland    
Abberley and Malvern Hills - Teme Valley London 
Berkshire Norfolk 
Black Country North Pennines AONB 
Buckinghamshire Northeast Yorkshire
Cheshire Region Northumberland National Park
County Durham (no action plan, audit only) Oxfordshire 
Cumbria Shropshire
Derbyshire and Peak District Staffordshire 
Devon Suffolk 
Doncaster Tees Valley  
Dorset and the East Devon Coastal Corridor  Teignbridge 
Essex Torbay 
Gloucestershire Cotswolds West Yorkshire 
Greater Manchester (aggregate quarries only)   Warwickshire
Herefordshire  Worcestershire
Isle of Wight   Yorkshire Dales


Northern Ireland

There are currently no LGAPs in Northern Ireland.


West Lothian



Clwydian Range AONB

Company/organisation GAPs

Excavating rock from a limestone quarry, Derbyshire. © Colin Prosser, NE

Excavating rock from a limestone quarry, Derbyshire. © Colin Prosser, NE

The main focus has been on GAPs for aggregate companies and guidance was issued in 2006. However, most have focussed on more practical initiatives for example producing a range of interpretative material and increasing access to geodiversity.

Lafarge Aggregates have produced a series of quarry geodiversity action plans, for example Croft Quarry.

Aggregate Industries have produced a series of quarry geodiversity action plans and educational material, for example at Millom Rock Park.

Hanson Aggregates have produced an overarching high level joint geodiversity and biodiversity action plan and aim to produce a geodiversity action plans for each quarry site.